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Fabio Nocera was born in 1977 in Augusta,

a medieval town hugged all around by the gentle sicilian sea and kissed most of the year by the generous sicilian sun.


He spent good part of his life in Sicily learning making fine-jewellery from old masters.

He then moved to the famous towns of Verona,

Vicenza and Valenza in the north of Italy to expand his knowledge by learning from different master jewellers. 


In those days he also developed a profound love and an incessant desire for photography, developing his own photographic style. He dreamt of being able to combine together the two artforms he was in love with,  jewellery and photography.

He started experimenting by fusing together his own photographs with pure 24kt Gold.


He finally opened his own workshop/gallery back home in Sicily. It was a success!

Clients walking in his “laboratorio” (workshop) kept commissioning him exclusive pieces.

It got to the point where loyal wealthy clients were commissioning him by asking

“Fabio I don’t know what I want, just surprise me”.

Today he lives and works in the famous Noosa(Australia) producing his masterpieces and shipping them all around the world.


He is a proud single dad dedicated to his children and his art.

IMG_1207 copy.jpeg

He is inspired by everything in life and you can often find him in town with his camera, ready to take the next big shot before transforming it into a Fabiuccio’s piece of art.

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